Business Intelligence

Professional, and clean visual data-driven analytics and statistics that allow you to visualize your data in order to make more informed business based decisions.

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Automation Services

Automate the boring, take repetitive data entry tasks that would normally take hours/days/weeks/months to input and do it seconds!

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Centralization Services

By using database and cloud services, you can create an index-able infrastructure that allows you to store and quickly access all of your data and files.

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Web development for small to big businesses

Intelligent Design and Development(ID2) is a Georgetown, TX based web development firm that serves any area within the U.S. We focus primarily on custom build, mobile ready web software like Customer Relation Management(CRM) Software, automation, centralization, and analytics. We can also provide website and SEO services to help you get your presence recognized on the web, with many of my clients being ranked either #1 or on the 1st page of Google!

Regardless of the size of your company, we are confident that we can not only handle the work load but provide an affordable pricing range to fit your budget. Check out our portfolio for some of our recent projects.

Small to big business


Our first time clients get:

  • 30% OFF their very first web development service
  • FREE Maintenance and Support for the first month