CRM Software

Injury Management System

We created an business solution for one of my clients that allows them to review and manage their patient data, documents, receive notifications as well as export their data via E-mail, PDF or Excel spreadsheets. Built with API support, my client can easily send and received data from their client's software allowing 2 way communication.

CRM Software

Medical Survey System

We have developed a multi-step survey system that allows my client to review and manage and process candidate questionnaires for pre-employment screening requirements. Built with an API backend, and by using webhooks, my client can now send status updates to their client's API, allow ascyronous communication between different software suites. Built with notification system and data logging, user can be alerted to status updates and can also inspect who access which cases.

CRM Software

Compliance Headquarters

Compliance HQ is a completely custom web application build. It was built using Python/Django and Twitter's Bootstrap framework. It allows my client to manage aspects specific to OSHA Safety Consulting, thus allowing him to streamline his work process allowing him to save both money and time, while providing centralization to his business.

WordPress Development

Brazilian Fight Factory

This project was a custom WordPress Theme Build. The user interface was created by Daniel Pitner and the WordPress theme customization was built but me. Using Twitter's Bootstrap we created a responsive website that will adapt to all devices so check it out here at Brazilian Fight Factory.

Custom Website Design


This was one of my first projects and this was a custom website build, both designed and developed by me. It was developed entirely from scratch using the PHP web language, the jQuery library and CSS. Check it out here, csc-safety.com.